1. Start to schedule sport as a need for 3 times a week.

2. Sport will maintain body functions and organs to work maximumly if you get use to have it.

3. Sport can also be a recreation, which can automatically activate hormon endorphine to make us happier.

4.You can try mild sport (low impact) such as speed walk, pilates, or yoga.

5. Pilates is a safe sport to do everday as it focuses on torso (abdominal and spine muscle) and respiratory. It can also help you to avoid the problems of bloated tummy and spine osteoporosis.

6. Practice the Pilates regularly, then you will have good control on your muscle movement.

7. Yoga is good practice of stretching and breathing for regular basis exercise.

8. Apply Pilates principles in daily activity (such as sitting position with straight back position).

9. Avoid extreme sport if you are not familiar with it.

10. Exercise in open air space with clean air, so that the lungs can get qualified oxygen and the fat burning process can be maximized.