Pilates For Pregnancy




Pregnancy takes us to an unforgettable life journey with all adjustments to make. Physical changes can be so tiring, and even hormonal changes can hugely affect the mood, for instance, waist aching or bending shoulders. Pilates helped me to go through two pregnancies. This book is written based on my first pregnancy. Pilates helped me to go through pregnancy period and post delivery became exciting experiences because Pilates combines the knowledge of anatomy and body movement in its motion variations, so that it is more effective and efficient to shape body posture, performance and balance in our body. Pilates also help body to flow our blood centered to our stomach in order to maximize the nutrition absorbance for the fetus. If you are comfortable with your self, then you will be ready to have new adventures with the newborn baby.

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ISBN : 9789790783812
Ukuran : 15×23 cm
Jumlah Halaman : 0(BW), 104 (FC)
Isi : MC 115 gr


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