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Be kind to your body, it's a lifetime investment

- Lisa Namuri-

Lisa Namuri is known as socialites’ and celebrities’ personal instructor. Lisa is also the pioneer of active life community called Lisa’s Movement and the owner of training studio of Lisa’s House. Graduated from Fitness Institute, Australia, Lisa owns multiple international certificates in physical improvement, such as STOTT Pilates, Canada and Red Cord, Norway.

Sport: the best future investment for me and my family. Pilates is enjoyable torture. Lisa is the one who can make my body back to normal in 3 sessions after giving birth and gaining weight 20kgs! Awesome!

Maudy Koesnaedy






1. Start to schedule sport as a need for 3 times a week. 2. Sport will maintain body functions and organs to work maximumly if you get use to have it. 3. Sport can also be a recreation, which can automatically activate hormon endorphine to make us happier. 4.You can try mild sport (low impact) such as speed walk, pilates, or yoga. 5. Pilates is a safe sport to do everday as it focuses on torso (abdominal and spine muscle) and respiratory. It can also help you to avoid the problems of bloated tummy and spine osteoporosis. 6. Practice the Pilates regularly, then you will have good control on your muscle movement. 7. Yoga is good practice of stretching and breathing for regular basis exercise. 8. Apply Pilates principles in daily activity (such as sitting position with straight back position). 9. Avoid extreme sport if you are not familiar with it. 10. Exercise in open air space with clean air, so that the lungs can get qualified oxygen and the fat burning process can be...


2.  Stand straight with two legs as wide as the hips. • Keep the legs facing forward without locking your knee. Contract the abdominal muscle, and keep the hip position without leaning forward from the neck and keep the back straight. • Inhale to prepare slow exhale, lift two arms in front of the chest as high as your shoulder. Keep both arms straight without locking up your elbows. At the same time, bend your elbows slowly for about 45 degree. • Inhale and put down your arms until your palms are beside the thighs. At the same time, straighten up both legs to normal position and still without locking your knees. Do the motion slowly in coordination and...


1.Back stretching movement • Sit straight on the bench on both sitting bones, contract the abdomen, two arms folded in front of the chest and legs are tight. Inhale as you push your head up to strecth the spine. Imagine that someone is pulling a rope on your head up. • When you exhale, slowly twist your body to the right. Keep both arms in front of the chest. • Twist your body as far as the upper body and without moving from your spine center, and you can still contract your abdominal muscle. •Then inhale again while you are still at the position of twisting. • Exhale slowly and return to your normal position (facing to the front) and do it again on the opposite...